The Washington Twp Lightning was established in 2005 with many of its’ players being together since 2003! Our coaching and training staff is committed to player development.

The rest of our coaching staff are all USYS certified and have various levels of soccer experience ranging from High School to Professional. The Lightning has been exposed to the most competitive levels of soccer in the region. They have played teams from Massachusetts to Florida and hope to get exposure to teams from Europe in the near future, as one of our goals is to play in a series of tournaments in Europe! We recently completed our first year playing in the MAPS (Mid Atlantic Premier League) league and enjoyed the competition and the challenge! We will continue to train this summer and will be competing in the Lititz tournament this July.

EDP Cup- Finalist - 2014

USYS - NJ State Champion - 2014

US Club - NJ State Cup- Champion - 2014

Region One - Colonial league - Champions -2014

MSSL College Showcase- Semi Finalist - 2013

FC Delco Players Cup- Finalist - 2013

MSSL - College Showcase - Champion - 2012

Maps Cup - Champion -2012

US Club- NJ State Finalist -2012

USYS - NJ State Champion -2012

EDP league 1st place - 2012

Jefferson Cup - Finalist - 2012

MSSL College Showcase- Finalist - 2011

Maps Spring Challenge - Champions - 2011

Champions - Cape Express Beach Blast 2010

Finalist - MAPS CUP 2010

YMS - 2009 Columbus Day Tournament Finalist

Finalist National Championship Series- NJ 2008

Champions - Cape Express Beach Blast 2008

Champions - Olympic Division SJSL 2008 Spring Season

Champions - Olympic Division SJSL 2008 Fall Season

Champions - MAPS Spring Challenge (3/08)

Champions - Wash. Twp. Easter Classic (3/08)

Champions - Olympic Division SJSL 2007 Spring Season<

Champions - Olympic Division SJSL 2007 Fall Season

Champions - Cape Express Columbus (10/07)

Champions - Marlboro Soccer Tournament (8/07)

Our Mission:

The Washington Twp. Lightning has been established to provide our players with the best possible training, guidance, facilities and competition available to enable them to excel not only as Soccer players but also young citizens. We continue to look for new, exciting and challenging venues for our team to play in an effort to enhance their confidence and skills. We measure our success on the effort given in all of our games and practices rather than wins and losses. Another goal is one that can not be measured and that is the brotherhood bond that has been created and continues to be built upon between all of our players, coaches and parents. This is what makes the Lightning more than just a team!

To provide the Lightning players with the best possible training in an atmosphere that is conducive to learning. Each player will be given sufficient playing time in games and tournaments to showcase the results of their hard work in practices. Our success as a team is not judged mainly by wins, but, by the progress made by each individual player during the course of the season.