The Washinton Township Lightninig is a premier-level U11 Boy’s soccer team from Gloucester County, NJ. Our team currently plays in the South Jersey Youth Soccer League (SJSL) and will be playing in the MAPS league fall 2008. The Lighnting will be carded as both a NJYS & US Club Soccer team, this will give us the opportunity to play competitive teams from both New Jersey and out-of-state without restriction. Our team is firmly commited to the idea of player development.  As such, we use the services of soccer trainers to work with our team one day per week during the season and for one week pre-season.  The coaching staff are all USYS certified and have various levels of soccer playing experience. Our MissionTo provide the Lightning players with the best possible training in an atmosphere that is conducive to learning.  Each player will be given sufficient playing time in games and tournaments to showcase the results of their hard work in practices. Our success as a team is not judged mainly by wins, but, by the progress made by each individual player during the course of the season.